Archive: True to Self// Gender Treason

From a position of authority treason is betrayal; an attack on the establishment, a strike against the old ways. But, treason can also be the start of something greater; the spark of revolution or the beginning of a great shift. Gender Treason, a show of 12 large scale portraits and accompanying interviews by artist/activist Ryan … Continue reading Archive: True to Self// Gender Treason

Archive: The Artist/Mother, Mother/Artist

The decision of to start a family is a daunting one for anybody, and one I’m not ashamed to say terrifies me. Having children impacts every part of your life and undeniably changes you as a person. This is somehow especially true and difficult for working women artists who are, more often than their male … Continue reading Archive: The Artist/Mother, Mother/Artist

Archive: Approaching the Body// In Shame and Joy

As we shift our focus to sexual assault awareness for the month of April it seems a perfect time to talk about the body, how we experience our own and encounter others. It’s no secret that we live in a world saturated with images of what bodies should and shouldn’t look like, standards that can … Continue reading Archive: Approaching the Body// In Shame and Joy

Archive: Peggy Guggenheim//Art Addict

The Guggenheim family name is closely tied with the history of modern art starting with Solomon Guggenheim, founder of the New York museum of the same name. However, I’d like to focus on his niece, Margaret “Peggy” Guggenheim for this Women’s History month edition of FabArts. Most of what there is to read about Peggy, … Continue reading Archive: Peggy Guggenheim//Art Addict

Archive: Alma Thomas

It’s that time again where we reach back into our collective history and highlight the influence and accomplishments of Black Americans. This time around I’d like to focus on the woman who, for all her accolades, is sorely underreported on; Alma Woodsey Thomas. I first came upon Thomas’s work in an article discussing the art … Continue reading Archive: Alma Thomas

Archive: The Menil Collection

Labor day may be the unofficial end of the season but the heat and sunshine are still going strong in California. How did you spend your summer, readers? In July I took a break from sweating in my apartment to sweat in a new and exciting but still center-of-the-sun-degrees location: Houston, Texas. As soon as … Continue reading Archive: The Menil Collection