Archive: True to Self// Gender Treason

From a position of authority treason is betrayal; an attack on the establishment, a strike against the old ways. But, treason can also be the start of something greater; the spark of revolution or the beginning of a great shift. Gender Treason, a show of 12 large scale portraits and accompanying interviews by artist/activist Ryan … Continue reading Archive: True to Self// Gender Treason

Archive: The Artist/Mother, Mother/Artist

The decision of to start a family is a daunting one for anybody, and one I’m not ashamed to say terrifies me. Having children impacts every part of your life and undeniably changes you as a person. This is somehow especially true and difficult for working women artists who are, more often than their male … Continue reading Archive: The Artist/Mother, Mother/Artist

Archive: Gender By Numbers

If you haven’t picked up the current edition of ArtNews magazine, consider this my wholehearted endorsement. June is the women’s issue and though some may disagree, I think its focus is necessary, refreshing and really well done. Features this month include a look at Yoko Ono’s art world (x), the “Black Sheep Feminists” of the … Continue reading Archive: Gender By Numbers

Archive: When Bad Taste Happens to Good Friends

Here’s a scenario: you’re out and about and you’re introduced to somebody by a friend. You’re friend has been talking this person up. They’re into art just like you, they do really interesting work, your friend thinks they’re great and you think….it’s bad, really bad. What do you do? If you’re an ex-art-schooler like me … Continue reading Archive: When Bad Taste Happens to Good Friends

Archive: A Little About Bias, A Little About Butts

Hello Fabulously Feminist readers. My name is Akiko and I’m new here. I’ve been thinking for a while about what to write about and how to introduce myself to you, I even debated whether to write at all. I’m a feminist, of course but what does that even mean? Are there still people, still women … Continue reading Archive: A Little About Bias, A Little About Butts