Central San Diego: a Complicated History composed in plants

Central San Diego, the newest panoramic landscape painting by local artist Amanda Kachadoorian, places viewers on the northwest side of Coronado island looking westward to the ocean under a stormy sky. Point Loma is shown in the background as it’s earliest inhabitants knew it, covered in local oak and pine trees. Moving across the San … Continue reading Central San Diego: a Complicated History composed in plants

South Bay, San Diego: Amanda Kachadoorian’s Research Driven Botanicals

In her large-scale oil on canvas work “South Bay, San Diego'', Amanda Kachadoorian blends American landscape traditions and a distinctly southwestern aesthetic to dig into complex regional histories of San Diego focusing on plant life and botanical hybridity.

Archive: Peggy Guggenheim//Art Addict

The Guggenheim family name is closely tied with the history of modern art starting with Solomon Guggenheim, founder of the New York museum of the same name. However, I’d like to focus on his niece, Margaret “Peggy” Guggenheim for this Women’s History month edition of FabArts. Most of what there is to read about Peggy, … Continue reading Archive: Peggy Guggenheim//Art Addict

Archive: Alma Thomas

It’s that time again where we reach back into our collective history and highlight the influence and accomplishments of Black Americans. This time around I’d like to focus on the woman who, for all her accolades, is sorely underreported on; Alma Woodsey Thomas. I first came upon Thomas’s work in an article discussing the art … Continue reading Archive: Alma Thomas

Archive: The Menil Collection

Labor day may be the unofficial end of the season but the heat and sunshine are still going strong in California. How did you spend your summer, readers? In July I took a break from sweating in my apartment to sweat in a new and exciting but still center-of-the-sun-degrees location: Houston, Texas. As soon as … Continue reading Archive: The Menil Collection