Illumination at SDAI

I was thrilled to see so many people at the opening of Illumination: 21st Century Interactions with Art, Science, and Technology. For this show, under the direction of curator Chi Essary, sixteen San Diego artists produced work after teaming up with scientists and technologists from seven major research institutions: La Jolla Institute for Immunology, Qualcomm … Continue reading Illumination at SDAI

Molly Gabbard: Everyday Titties

Molly Gabbard is a current MFA candidate at San Diego State University and she’s got a magnificent set of tits. The use of set here is misleading, it’s more of a series really, expertly sculpted in a variety of materials. She donned the pair titled “Big Jugs” for a performance as part of her thesis show, … Continue reading Molly Gabbard: Everyday Titties

Mythology and Symbolism at Play: If I Were a Poet

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons’ most recent solo show If I Were a Poet is a winding journey through nearly 30 years of personal mythology. She centers herself, as a woman of mixed background and experience, in a calculated move away from the single colonial narrative of art history and towards a world where the stories of … Continue reading Mythology and Symbolism at Play: If I Were a Poet

Millennial Pink at the San Diego Art Institute

Saturday July 29th marked the opening of the San Diego Art Institute’s most recent show, Millennial Pink, curated by Lissa Corona and Marina Grize. Millennial Pink, the color, could easily be called the undisputed “IT” hue of the last few years. While previously light pinks were synonymous with the innocence of baby girls and all … Continue reading Millennial Pink at the San Diego Art Institute

Archive: Nick Cave Takes Detroit

Motown,The Motor City, Hitsville USA, lots of things come to mind when you mention Detroit. This time last year the city made headlines when it declared bankruptcy (it’s been the largest municipality to do so in US history). News since then has been of dwindling population, declining property values, increased crime rates, a water scandal, … Continue reading Archive: Nick Cave Takes Detroit

Archive: From Women’s Hands

Hello readers and welcome back to FabArt. I’m your editor, Akiko Surai, here with a new woman centered art show. This past week I was up in Los Angeles trying to escape some unseasonably warm weather (spoiler alert, it did not work. Also, cry me a river Akiko, the rest of the hemisphere is frozen.) … Continue reading Archive: From Women’s Hands